Mystical Qabalah and its Practical uses…

The Only Complete System in the West…

The Qabalah is pre-eminent in the mystical and occult traditions of the West…

But What is the Qabalah?
Qabalah is the foundation of the Western Esoteric tradition. Why? Because it is the only ‘complete’ esoteric system to have survived in the
West. Everything that survived from the Ancient Mysteries is fragmentary

• Alchemy uses Qabalistic code to guard its secrets of transformation;
• Ceremonial Magic is based upon the symbolism of the Qabalah;
• Qabalah is the basis of Rosicrucian tradition;

• The founders of Freemasonry used its symbolism in their higher degrees;
• Even the miracles and teachings of Jesus are rooted in the Qabalah.

In the past 150 years, all the most influential Western teachers have been practicing Qabalists: Eliphas Levi, Paul Foster Case, Dion Fortune, W. E. Butler, and Gareth Knight.

Is Qabalah Jewish?

Many people make this assumption, but it is not accurate at all. Qabalah no more ‘belongs’ to the Jews than Buddhism ‘belongs’ to the Tibetans, or Christianity to the Vatican. No one can own a spiritual teaching. And neither did the Jews invent the Qabalah.

Qabalah is really a compendium of the ancient Mysteries (Egypt, India, Greece, Babylon, etc.); and in it those teachings were kept safe until the present day. Of course, Jewish mystics culturally imprinted the Qabalah; it wouldn’t have worked for them if they had not. A similar thing happened when Buddhism was brought to Tibet from India. This has always been the way of true esoteric work: adaptation to the culture and times it exists in.

And, we respect the sages of Israel who preserved the Qabalah for us, despite unimaginable odds. Nevertheless, the holy Qabalah is a message from Divinity to all humankind…

So, what use is Qabalah for you?

1. It can show you ‘who’ and ‘what’ you really are.
2. What the Universe and Life is for.
3. And by applying this knowledge you can…
• Expand your consciousness and experience higher realms of being.
• Be whole, happy and fulfilled – experiencing true healing;
• End being a victim — Become a co-creator…
• And experience Eternity in the here-and-now of your daily life.

How can you experience the Qabalah for yourself?

• Audio and video presentations
• Letters to Your Spirit shares many theoretical and practical methods – free.
• Guided visualizations – written and audio
• Videos of ceremonial
• Mentored courses
• Study material
• And live workshops, seminars, classes and retreats on Qabalah and its applications in your life…