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Spiritual Radiance…

Down the centuries, the secret teachings of all esoteric traditions have whispered that we are “destined for Glory”. What do they mean by glory? ‘Glory’ (Kavod) is a technical name for the primordial energy from which everything is created.  It is sometimes poetically called “the light which ignited the stars”. This ‘light’ is now fully […]

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Daily Bennu Wisdom starts January 2017

Hello! David’s daily email, the Daily Bennu Wisdom starts January 2017. To sign up, click here. What is the DAILY BENNU WISDOM? The Bennu (also known as the Phoenix) holds deep spiritual meaning and wisdom. And the Daily Bennu Wisdom is a short daily email (six days per week) that helps to turn your mind […]

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It’s finally happened… Our new site is LIVE!

Hey, thanks for dropping in. The Rising Phoenix Foundation finally has a new web site! And a new look to boot. But what’s more important, is now you have a place where you can learn even more about Kabbalah (Qabalah), Alchemy, Angelic Magic, Ritual and Western Esoteric Wisdom. In the coming weeks I will add […]

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